20 August 2012

Aphrodite's Apple.

Finally, I found time to blog again. Senior year's very stressful and we just had our periodicals last week. 

Look at me, I'm a Greek goddess! The Untamed Goddess! 

Maybe you guys are wondering why I'm wearing this Greek costume. Well, It's for our English Project, we had to advertise something for the 2012 Olympics but the twist is that it should be related to Greek Myth. So, my group came up with the idea of selling energy drinks with different flavors. Like Persephone's Pomegranate, Minthe's Iced Tea, Dionysus' Grape, Hermes' Strawberry and Aphrodite's Apple. 

While we were having the shoot, I saw this very cute dog that I can't remember the name. He looked exactly like my old dog, Cholo, who passed away because of kidney stones :(. It made me sad and happy at the same time that I saw a dog exactly like him! While my group mates we're shooting their parts I was just there playing with this cute and friendly, Labrador.

Photos by Ariann Limpin

xx, TUG

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