09 February 2014

Food for the Goddess: RUB Ribs & BBQ

Now, I created a new segment on my blog called "Food for the Goddess". This segment will basically contain all my food reviews and critics. So, watch out for my future posts! :)
Disclaimer: I used my phone to take these pictures that's why the quality is not that good. Sorry.

02 February 2014

It's PROM season

I can't believe it's been almost a year since one of the most memorable nights of my life happened! 

 A la Belle Etoile
a night in Paris

01 February 2014

New year, new look.

Finally, I'm back! How I missed my blog so much!!!! :( 
Since yesterday was Chinese New Year and today's Feb 1st (my birthday month!!!!!), I changed my blog's look! :) 

What do you think? I hope you guys like it!
 Oh, and please do comment if you have any suggestions and reactions! 
Thank you :) 


PS. I will try my very best to blog more this year! :) 

31 October 2013

Instadump: October

My very first INSTADUMP! pauso HAHAHAHHA

DIY: Oreo Overload

My friend, Ariann, and I got bored during our 5-hour break. So, we decided to make our own Oreo McFlurry/Cookies & Cream ice cream. 

I'm not sure if this is considered as a DIY haha

17 August 2013

TreatCetera x The Untamed Goddess Blog Giveaway

Finally, I'm back on track and guess what I have for you, guys! 
Click on read more to know the easy mechanics on how to win these personalized wire accessories from TreatCetera!