02 February 2014

It's PROM season

I can't believe it's been almost a year since one of the most memorable nights of my life happened! 

 A la Belle Etoile
a night in Paris
   Months before my Senior prom, I was already preparing for this night of my life. I already had my gown ready and make-up artist booked mooooooonths before. The only problem I had was a date! God, it's so hard to find one since I'm not that "kind of girl" who could "fish" any fish she wants in the sea. During that time, there was this guy I really liked. So, my friends told me that I should ask him to be my date to prom. I felt so nervous the moment I sent my text message! (Yes, text message!!!!) I was really confident that he would say yes! But, it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to happen. He replied hoooooours after and told me that he can't come for some reason that I didn't understand (I got rejected by the guy I like in other words HA HA HA) but who cares! 

    It was one month till prom when my friend, Melissa, told me that I could have his boyfriend's friend as my date since I don't have one plus he was willing. So, she introduced me to him on twitter (yes, twitter!!!) At first, it was soooooo awkward but after a few hours, woooah WE WERE BOTH INSAAAAANE! 

     It was a week before when Nico (my date) told me that he would be a bit late since he had a contest on the same day. I told him it was okay but actually I panicked! 

     After a few obstacles, it was finally the night of my life!  Even though, it didn't go the way I planned it, I was still thankful that I got to spend this night with the best people in the world. 

(I am glowinggggggggg)

      So girls, don't panic because everything has a reason why God gave you that obstacle. Maybe He didn't give you the dress you wanted because He knows it wasn't the right one for you. Or maybe He didn't give you the guy you wanted to be your date because He knows he wouldn't make your day magical. 

     Just calm down and go with the flow. I know it's very hard to do especially when the pieces don't go together, but I've been there and I know how it feels. And see how much memories I created! 

   You must remember that the dress and the look and the date are just additional components of your magical day. It's really the memories you create with the people you've grown with that really matters. :)

Gown - Designer gown
Shoes - Rosanna Peña
Bag - Charles & Keith
HMU - Barbara Lee


P.S. Make your night memorable! <3

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