09 February 2014

Food for the Goddess: RUB Ribs & BBQ

Now, I created a new segment on my blog called "Food for the Goddess". This segment will basically contain all my food reviews and critics. So, watch out for my future posts! :)
Disclaimer: I used my phone to take these pictures that's why the quality is not that good. Sorry.

I got to know about this restaurant from a close friend who she celebrated her 18th birthday there (which was last week HAHAHA). To tell you guys the truth, I never liked ribs. I found them messy and greasy but after the luncheon with my college friends, OOHHHLALAAAA MAMMA MIA  RIBS RIBS RIBS RIBS RIBS RIBS. 
With the debutante <3

When I got home, my parents asked me how was the restaurant and the food. I responded that I really LOVED their ribs. My mother couldn't believe it! "JANA? LOVING RIBS? WE MUST TASTE THESE LIFE CHANGING RIBS!" Hence, we visited the restaurant a week after (which was today).
Their walls are filled with posters of different influential people and their famous quotes.
I superdeeduper love their menu board!
My mom and I order the Raki's Super Duo BBQ Ribs (Php 370) that serves 2. We also picked two side dishes for our meal. We had their famous Sprice (spiced fried rice) that tastes so gooooood and their Garlic Spinach and Mushroom. Their fried rice compliments well with the ribs which makes them the PUUUURFECT COMBO! As well as their Garlic Spinach and Mushroom that my mom and I really enjoyed!
 (This is not soup)
After our scrumptious and heavy meal, my mom decided to get some desert. She ordered Coffee Crème Brûlée (Php 140) She really loved this crème brûlée because it really tasted like coffee (she's a coffee addict HAHAHA). I also tasted it and it really does taste good! 
 This is how it looks once you eat it <3 
I ordered fried oreos (Php 150) and it tastes sooooooo good! I don't know how they made it into a perfect circle but seriously it tastes so good! It was freshly made when they served it that's why it really became a perfect match for the vanilla ice cream! (I WANT MOOORE!!!)

My mom and I really had a great lunch date! Thank you RUB for accommodating us! We'll definitely visit your restaurant again! :)

Rating: 8/10 

88 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City
11am - 10pm
Tel: 6252939


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