21 October 2014

My blog has a new look! Please do tell me what you think. Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. 

Anywaaaaaaaaay, I currently have 2 weeks to waste before our 2nd semester starts (gah school again). So, these are the activities that are currently in my to-do list for those 14 days of being a free bird.

A. Leisure Reading 

A fact about me that not all know is that I love reading books. However, I am the type of person who rarely finishes a book.  (weird, right?)  For some reason, I end up predicting the ending of the book (and most of the time it is what happens). 

1.   2.

1. David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

2. Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

B. Online shopping
How I enjoy online shopping! The start of my mini vacation was my go signal to reward myself for conquering another semester filled with stress and pressure. I immediately went to Zalora and browsed through their items and these are the ones that caught my eyes (mom, dad, pretty pleeeeease hihi)

        1.      2.  
       3. 4.

C. Catch up with HS friends and family members
I haven't spent time with my High School friends for ages and I miss them so much. :( I have been missing in action for months now because of school and training. 
I miss you so much, Ohana :( Hang soooooon! :) 
I miss you too, family members :((((((((((((((((

D. "Organize" my room

E. #StudyHardCFHarder 
Days with these people are always worth remembering <3

So, this is how I plan on spending my semestral break. How about you? How is your semestral break going? Feel free to comment on what you want to see next on my blog! :)


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