27 August 2012

ETC's Flea Market || Part 1

Beware: This is a very long post. Sorry if some of my photos have low resolutions because the lighting in the venue wasn't that good. 


I just love the colors they've used to make their lovely and pretty bracelets. ♥ 

I love this pair so mucccch! It's super duper comfy! Plus the lovely colors that you can match with anything. PERFECT! 

I was on panic mode when I broke my yellow necklace. Good thing I saw this store! That had the necklace that really matches my outfit. Truly a lifesaver! Destiny. ♥ 

Cutesy Tank Tops! ♥ 

Gah! Too cute for my life! 

This is only Part 1. I'll be posting Part 2 in a bit! :)

xx, TUG

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