02 September 2012

Sunday Blues.

Yay! A new outfit post! I was suppose to do one yesterday but due to the bad weather, I didn't get to take pictures of what I was wearing.

Weird hands. 
It's so funny how my mom got to keep this personalized bracelet from Pink Box. I remember dragging my parents to the store just to buy me those bracelets! Probably this bracelet is already 8 years old! Moms are really good keepers!!!

Loafers: Nava
'Jana' Bracelet: Pink Box Accessories
Braided Bracelet: Mia Casa
Watch: Disneyland
Vintage Backpack: Lacoste
Antique Gold Rings: Ygolettes
Cutesy Lion Hand Painted Ring: ETC Flea Market
Scalloped Top: ShopBop
Neon Necklace: Girl Shoppe

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