19 August 2012

Charm Bin.

During a conversation with the very beautiful, Kit,  I asked her some questions about their dainty store. 

Who are the beautiful owners of Charm Bin?
  • The owners are Kit and Jo. We graduated from UP Diliman just this April and we're into the arts, finishing BFA Visual Communication.

When and how did your store start?
  • We started out little project last August 2010. It actually started out as a small hobby, selling a few jewelry here and there to our personal friends. Then after a while, since we were into fashion production (i.e. i'm the photographer and Jo is the makeup artist), and we were learning so much about marketing and entrepreneurship from school, we decided to take it seriously, creating this shop!

Who or what are your inspirations in making this wonderful store?
  • For continuing the business, well, the thing that inspires us most is the way we feel proud about producing quality collections from the jewelry, the clothes, the models, the whole shoot for our buyers. We have some loyal clients who also fuel our passion to keep on doing what we do.

And now they're back to conquer the fashion world with their gorgeously pretty outfits that every girl would love to wear!

The "Cherry Cartel" Collection. 

I'll be showing you some of their pieces with their very reasonable prices that will definitely let you contact them immediately. And remember "THE NUMBER OF PIECES ARE VERY LIMITED" so don't waste your time!

Pistachio  (green button down sleeveless top) - 380 Php
Tomato (mustard bandage skirt) - 400 Php

Mullberry (poncho top with cut-out sleeves) - 420 Php
Congo (sleeveless top with lace detail on collar) - 380 Php

Champagne (lace cropped top) - 280 Php

Salmon (asymmetrical dress) - 460 Php

Brink (salmon pink tiered-scallop top) - 380 Php

Cloudberry (lace skort with button details) - 380 Php

Vanilla (lace top) - 320 Php

Currant (fuschia pink denim shorts) - 400 Php

So these are just some of CHARM BIN's awesome pieces! Visit Charm Bin's store on Facebook to see their "Cherry Cartel" collection. Note: Their albums are on private so add them up on facebook for you to see their fabulous pieces!

"We do the best we can to offer unique and absolutely dainty pieces!" - Charm Bin
Photography : Kit Singson
MUA/Stylist: Joanna Malinis 

Hair stylist: Kit Singson
Models: Thea Elinzano, Dior Dy, Anya Ong

Photos taken at Felicity Patisserie 


xx, TUG!

PS: I'm so happy! This is my first ADVERTISEMENT post! 

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