30 September 2012

Embellish Mini Launch.

Do you guys remember my post about Embellish's Mini Launch? Well, It happened last September 28!!! And I'm so happy I got to meet the owner and some of my favorite fashion bloggers! 

Lovely mannequin!!! I wanted to keep it! <3
:( I didn't get to attend the workshop. School shizz. Still sad about it but I'm happy that I got to meet some of my favorite bloggers!!! They're so sweet and adorable and friendly!!! 
With the lovely owner of Embellish. <3 
Woohoo! I won these delicious quiches!!! My family loves it! 
The beautiful owner of Simply Pie. Thank you for the giveaway, Simply Pie and Embellish! 

Top: HK
Shorts: Embellish
Ring: Embellish
Shoes: Melissa

Thank you so much, Embellish! <3 

xx, TUG

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