05 October 2012

You are my hero.

Happy World Teacher's Day to all teachers out there! You are our heroes! 
In celebration of Teacher's Day, my school had an activity which required all Seniors to play teachers for 2 days! And guess what!!! I'm assigned to the little ones. They're sooooooo adorable yet rowdy but still adorable! This experience made me realize that it is not easy to be a teacher. Now I know why our teachers are hot-tempered when we are noisy. Now I know how it feels. It is an experience that I will never ever ever forget! 
This is what I wore for day 2 of the activity.
I rushed to take an outfit shot because it looks like it's gonna rain. And it did! I can be a Weather Forecaster! Lol. 
Happy Kiddoooooo. 

Dress: Nava
Blazer: Nava
Necklace: Periwinkle
Bracelet: Periwinkle
Ring: Embellish
Watch: Mom's 
Shoes: SO! Fab



  1. I love that dusty pink blazer! I just ordered a similar one and I can't wait to wear it in winter under heavier coats.

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  2. I love it too! Where'd you get it? The color's really really nice! x.