07 April 2013

Bazaar For All Season

Forgive my lack of photography skills.

The lovely owner of Oath 

The gorgeous owner of Nudu. She is VERY gorgeous! 

I wasn't ready on the first photo. :( PRETTY RHEA & BELLA! They're very kind and very down to earth! 

Beautiful ladies behind Le Papillon 

Awesome people behind Fashion Spice Manila and Runway Burger!

Adorable ladies behind Fad District

CristinaDana Decena's Booth

These are just some of the stores! I really had fun talking to the gorgeous owners and buying stuff!


PS. I will post the stuff I bought from the bazaar on my next blog post!
ANOTHER PS. My blog is under construction and guess who's revamping it? "THE" BELLA MORCEN! #happyjana!

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